In ‘The Nature of Space’ curated by Michele Helmrich
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (Edward St)
Solo Exhibition at Ipswich City Council Gallery

In ‘Chew’ curated by Linda Carroli
Smith and Stoneley, Brisbane
Dimensions variable

Photograph: Michael Cranfield (1998)

Gormandizor is one of a thematically linked group of works that explores the visual expression of a female erotic sensibility. Gormandizor colonized the masculine domain of the cement mixer, a symbol of the construction of inflexible concrete structures. The cement mixer was sugar coated and bathed in pink light to employ, rather than to negate, the signifiers of femininity. Fluidity is contrasted with inflexibility. The rotating receptacle was inhabited with sticky peach scented glucose and faux jewels. Inside the bowl was projected a video image of a woman laughing and dribbling honey and diamonds.

This work was first produced in 1993, with the same and different versions produced in 1993, 1994, 1998 and 2002. It was first exhibited at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (Edward St) in ‘The Nature of Space’ curated by Michele Helmrich.

Jay Younger

Jay Younger