Cast By the Sun: A Prelude

Cast By the Sun: A Prelude is the first of two exhibitions held at Crane Arts, Philadelphia that focus on ‘place’ in photographic practice. The premise of this exhibition is to investigate the role of place in artistic practice. More specifically, is there an assumption that place in art is somehow more evident in photographic form? This question is presented in relation to the oeuvre of four artists—Ray Cook, Martin Smith, Bruce Reynolds, and Amy Carkeek.

Download the project catalogue (PDF)

Ray Cook
Bucket of Blood
From the series It’s Not You It’s Me
Archival inkjet print
30 x 45cm

Martin Smith
Revelation 1
Pigment print
70 x 100cm

Bruce Reynolds
Rome (Dovetail)
Pigment print

Amy Carkeek
Untitled #3
Archival inkjet print
84 x 59cm